Skin lift - lifting ampoules and Eye lift - eye patches - in the Glammies 2024 poll!

Skin lift - lifting ampoules and Eye lift - eye patches - in the Glammies 2024 poll!

The next edition of the Glammies has been launched! As every year, Colway International entered its product in the poll, run by Glamour magazine. In the competition, unique Polish cosmetic products compete for recognition from the widest possible range of users and for the honour of being named Glammies Laureate. Thanks to your votes, our products have already been awarded this title several times, and these were:


Double C glow skin drops - Glammies 2020 Winner

Body Scrub - Glammies 2021 Winner

Angel lips - lip gloss - Glammies 2022 Winner


This time we are also counting on your votes in the poll! It is thanks to you that Colway International products can once again reach for the winning laurel!

This is only possible thanks to your votes!


This year in the Glammour Glammies 2024 poll, vote for:


Skin lift - lifting ampoules

In the category: FACE / SERUM

Eye Lift eye pads

In the category: FACE / EYE AREA


Voting will take place at the link below:


How to vote:

The poll starts on 02.04.2024 at 8:00:01 a.m. and will run until 12.04.2024. at 23:59:59.

A Facebook account is a prerequisite for casting a vote, as this is how the system verifies the voter. 

To vote, click above on the link of the product category you wish to vote for.  Then find our product in the list and cast your vote by clicking on the VOTE button.

Each day you can cast a maximum of 5 votes in any configuration.

You can also vote from abroad.

Your vote matters!

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