Stay Young with collagen and celebrate Colway International's 9th birthday with us!

Stay Young with collagen and celebrate Colway International's 9th birthday with us!

Colway International The Collagen Company is a collagen company because collagen is where it all began....   It was thanks to a breakthrough discovery by Polish scientists that made it possible to create a masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind product - temperature-resistant native collagen, that is collagen that does not lose its properties even at high or low temperatures.

Collagen is the protein of youth, making up more than 30% of human protein mass and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Together with elastin, it forms an elastic mesh in the dermis, giving it elasticity and firmness, binds water, lipophilic substances and accounts for the condition of the connective tissue - in fact, the condition of the whole body. 

Our Native Collagens are collagen gels with a skin-friendly PH, and unlike thousands of creams, they do not fight the effects of skin ageing, but address the cause - collagen deficiency.


April is the month in which Colway International celebrates its 9th birthday. On this occasion, we have prepared birthday surprises for you. 

Let's celebrate Colway International's 9th birthday together under the theme: Stay Young with collagen! The birthday special offer includes, among other things, our flagship collagen products to help you keep your youth for longer, look great and feel great:

Native Collagen Pure -20%

Skin protect SPF 50 -20%

Set - CollUp 2 + 1 

and selected leaflets at a lower price: 

Leaflets - How to apply collagen EN -30%

Leaflets - Skin protect SPF 50 EN - 30% and 

CollUp EN Leaflets -30%

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From 16/24 OR - 18/24 OR


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