Summer Vibes - 20% on the entire AntiAge line

Summer Vibes - 20% on the entire AntiAge line

The Anti Age product line was created with the specific needs of skin with signs of aging in mind. Fine mimic wrinkles, crow's feet, discoloration or loss of firmness are the first signs of skin aging. In the summer, when we expose our skin to the sun, these processes can occur even faster. The result will be dry skin, new discoloration or a clear deepening of wrinkles.

In order to protect your skin against excessive aging and the harmful effects of free radicals, in addition to hydration, it is worth using Anti Age care, which hits the cause of skin aging. In the Anti Age line products, we have combined the effective action of active ingredients with collagen, thanks to which our cosmetics work in the deep layers of the skin, stimulate renewal and protect against free radicals.


The Anti Age line is a triple action of:

• Lifting - thanks to Tara tree extract, Kappaphycis alvarezii red algae extract and cyathea cumingi extract

• Anti Age - anti-aging effect is provided by fish collagen, citrus aurantium stem cells, Matrixyl™ 3000 and FGF-1

• Moisturizing – provided by hyaluronic acid, Shea and Aquaxy butter


Ensure an effective anti-aging effect by using the latest biotechnology achievements that we have enclosed in our Anti Age cosmetics.


In order for you to enjoy beautiful, healthy-looking skin, we have prepared Summer Vibes offer, where every two weeks, a different line of Colway International products will be at a lower price.

Starting now:


Whole Anti Age line* -20%:


Rejuvenating face cream -20%

Express lift mask -20%

Masterpiece of eye contour -20%

Body scrub -20%

Body sculpting and firming serum -20%

The offer is available:

From 25/23 QW to 26/23 QW

(20.06.23 – 03.07.23)


The offer is available from the status of: Registered customer


Additionally, we would like to remind you that during the Summer Vibes offer, i.e. from 23/23 - 34/23 QW (i.e. 06.06.23 – 28.08.23):

Sachets - Intensive Moisture Face Cream for only 6.90 PLN / 1.69 EUR / 1.49 GBP /39 KC  *

* the maximum quantity in one order is 3 sets of 10 pcs


And a set of products:

Summer set

Sumer shine - shimmering body balm x 1

Body scrub x 1


Offer is available: from Registered customer status



Fulfil your dream of perfect skin and enjoy its natural beauty now and in the future.

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